You Cannot Win Alone

No one can achieve success on their own. It is simply not possible. The most successful people in the world are those who have learned how to work with others and build strong relationships. Collaboration is key to any successful endeavor.

That successful athlete that wins gold medals all the time? Yea, they have a team, coaches, support staff, agents, social media handlers — the high profile ones have entire PR teams dedicated to their online persona.

That successful person at a company? They have mentors, teams, and friends invested in their success. They didn’t do it alone. It took years of persistence on their part, but it took years and decades of patience, perseverance, and mentorship from their team.

You will win at Solvative, but not by competing but by teaching others; if they are successful, you’ll be as well. A good developer cannot showcase their work without a good designer backing them, without their mistakes being caught by an eagle-eyed QA. A Project Lead cannot deliver value without their team's intelligent and dedicated work.

Collaborate, and you win with everyone around rooting for you. Compete - and you win alone.

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