Inspiring to Learn

The mission of every teacher, mentor, or leader is to inspire their students, mentees, or their followers to be lifelong learners. The goal of teaching is to pass on information and ace a test. That goal is finite. Eventually, students will stop learning. But inspire someone to learn and be curious, and they become lifelong learners.

Inspire to be lifelong learning, and you’ll never have to teach.

Instead of providing the information, seek knowledge together.

You could teach about airplanes and how they fly or build experience-appropriate model planes. They could be paper airplanes, RC planes, scale models, or competition drones for the curious mind. Sometimes even push them out of their comfort zone. If things fail, they’ll learn why they failed.

The best question to ask a budding mind is - What have you failed at recently? For, if they have not failed, they are not pushing hard enough for their level.

Instead of providing what it takes to get an A, set no expectations — success is not measured by a grade. The best teachers don’t test what you remember but what you have understood. The tests are standardized, our minds are anything but.

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