Garbage in, Garbage out

Every "social" network has issues—even those in real life. Your friends, offline or online, are the ones that challenge you to grow, provide constructive feedback and help nurture the person that is uniquely you.

Choose the content creators that challenge the way you think, the people that make you go — huh! That's a better way to think about it. Humankind is progressing at a unique pace; We are in the midst of a generational shift in the way we value life, work, and the pursuit of happiness.

Every second of the day, your group of friends, offline or online, show you the normal and where the status quo needs a challenge in your thoughts and actions and support you in your pursuit of happiness on this planet.

Choose them wisely on any social network. The brain feeds on information, give it the right set of good inputs, and the outputs will always be good with the added thoughts of the person that is uniquely you.

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